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Residential and Corporate Long Term Leasing

21009 - Water and Glass
Off The Walls Studio Gallery offers long term leasing for all artwork on our website to all clients within the Los Angeles area and beyond. This is a creative way to create a fresh, dynamic contemporary look for your office or home and enjoy a revolving art collection on the cutting edge of the Los Angeles and World Wide art scene.

Artwork leasing fees are priced 6% of the original purchase price payable monthly. The initial start up leasing term is for a 3 month period and then switches to month to month. You have the option to apply 60% of your leasing fees to the purchase price if you decide to keep the artwork - a great way to try before you buy! Otherwise let us know when you would like to rotate out the work for new pieces or end your monthly lease agreement.

Our inventory is available for rental seven days a week. However, there are some exceptions such as fragile and delicate artwork. Additionally, some artwork may be in or scheduled to be in an production rental and are not available for rental until after the production rental ends.

35395C - Jelly Beans
To start a new rental all we require is a valid California Drivers License or ID, a authorized credit card, and a signed Leasing Agreement. The entire process only takes a few minutes.

If needing advice, we are more than happy to do a site visit and put together an art proposal too of the latest works ideal for your new dynamic environment!

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