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Picture Framing for the film, print & media industry in Hollywood

The type of artwork you are framing, whether a painting or a print/photograph, can determine the type of frame you can have.

The frame you choose is incredibly important and can alter the mood of the picture entirely. Selecting a contemporary frame in a matt black color can add drama to a piece. Going for an elegant, thin frame in metallic gold or silver gives a much more delicate look. There is a wide variety of frame choices on offer for standard-sized artwork. If your original art is unusual or larger, you can also get a custom frame made to fit its dimensions exactly.

For art prints and fine art photographs, matting can provide an additional border beyond simply framing your piece of art. The matting is a board that acts as a "window" to display your artwork. The mat board can be cut to any thickness and can be any color. This is particularly useful for highlighting a specific tone in a piece of artwork, helping it suit the room where it will be placed.

Of course, if a piece is treasured or if you would instead leave the framing process down to the experts that can help you to make your new piece of art look stunning and perfect for its environment.

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